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Relationship management and money management are inseparable


  • Excel File Import: You can import your Excel format portfolio file by easily mapping it to Debt Logics fields. You can also keep track of how much you have paid for each portfolio and how much you have paid for each item in your portfolio, right from the import stage.

  • HTTP Post: If you have a website or landing page from which you collect prospect contact information, you can easily link it to Debt Logics. Any  submission in your website will create a case in Debt Logics.

  • XML Post: XML posting allows you to import more detailed client and case information to Debt Logics. For example is you are posting an existing case in another system to Debt Logics, and you already have invoices, payments, and notes for that case, XML Posting will be a viable option to use.

  • Case Distribution: You don't need to be worried about distributing your portfolio items. Using our robust Case Distribution tool, you can create multiple distribution plans and assign leads to your agents.

  • Source and Campaign Management: Create campaigns, specify the source of your leads and portfolios and their cost. No matter what method of importing leads you use, our lead and campaign management capability will let you have a clear visibility over origin and acquisition cost of each case.

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  • Tasks, Events and Calendar: Manage daily workload effectively to ensure tasks are completed on schedule and critical events are taking place on time. Calendar shows a consolidated view of all the tasks and events to which you are assigned or invited.

  • Reports: Our pre-built reporting features give you great insight into all your business  activities. Managers are able to run reports on individuals and teams in order to evaluate their performance. You gain the convenience of centralized control when comparing and tracking sales and back-office processes.

  • Dashboard: The Dashboard provides graphical analytics and sale statistics. It provides each member of your team with a comprehensive view of their performance on one screen. The Dashboard also gives an up-to-date glance of all current cases including total leads, sold leads, gross sales, closing data and a real-time ranking of your sales staff!

  • Case Filters: Debt Logics allows you to capture leads directly from different sources. You can filter your leads and active cases based on a wide variety of factors, including lead source, debt amount, assignments, and location.


  • Mass Actions: You can apply mass actions such as change of assignment, change of status, mass SMS and mass emails from your case filters.

  • e-Sign: Get your contracts and forms signed electronically, using our proprietary e-Sign application. In Debt Logics e-Sign Editor, specify at what points of your forms you want your client to sign. Use Drawing or Type-in signature format depending on your usage. Add date fields, initial fields, or check boxes and send out the document through Debt Logics just like a simple email. Track the status of the document from e-Sign log. When the document is signed by your client, it will automatically come back to the respective case, for your review.

  • Auto-Populatable Forms: Documentation is the most painful and time consuming part of a legal or financial process. We know that! So, we have created a feature that helps you prevent unnecessary repetition. Use Debt Logics merge fields to automatically populate case information into your forms. Not to mention that you can send your forms for print, fax, email, or esign.

  • 100+ Merchant Accounts and Gateways: Choose from variety of payment gateways and setup your Merchant account in Debt Logics in less than a minute. Learn More

  • Payment and Commission Reports: Debt Logics leaves no monetary metric uncovered. With Payments Report, Account Receivable Report, Agent Commission Report, Payment By Status Report and Sales By Invoice Type Report, you will gain a complete view of your company's financial matters (See Reports section above).

  • Payment Scheduler and Auto-Charge: 
    Schedule your collection manually or automatically, enter your client's payemnt method (Credit Card or Bank Account) and payment account information and let Debt Logics' Auto-Charge feature take care of the transactions on a daily basis. 

  • Invoicing: Define your Invoice Types in the admin level and invoice your clients according to your company's specific services

  • SMS: There is no more effective way of sending reminders, alerts, and general follow ups than sending via SMS. Debt Logics made it possible for you to send SMS manually or automatically, individually or in mass.

  • Interview: Gathering accurate information is the most important step towards an effective case management. Debt Logics allows you to collect your clients' debt, assets, and income information in a step by step interview process. 

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  • Portfolio Management: Have you been wondering how much and how fast you are collecting from a certain portfolio, or what is the cost/collection ratio on your portfolios? DebtLogics offers a tool for it. Assign a portfolio name at import time and manage all the cases under that portfolio using  DebtLogics Portfolio Management features.

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